Day 10 - 12 Days of Crafting with The Cat's Pajamas

Hey all! Happy Sunday! I know I don't normally post on Sunday but we are having a FANTASTIC time over at The Cat's Pajamas Blog with the 12 days of Crafting! You really need to join us! There are so many WONDERFUL creations over there for some last minute things to make for Christmas. 

Today is day 10 and it is my day to share some party favors! I decided I was going to have a bit fun with the digital sentiments of the Treecup Gnome. I made a few Christmas crackers. They are so much fun! I was even able to find some of the snaps that go inside so when you pull them they will make the pop noise! 


They are so super easy to make! I printed out the sentiment by filling the page using my Silhouette software. Although, I am sure you could put it in word or any other program you use for printing your digital images. 


After I colored the paper with Festive Berries Distress Ink I went about scoring the paper. The paper size of the smaller but thicker one is 10 x 7.5 inches. I scored it on the 7.5 side at every inch leaving 7 - 1 inch sections and 1 - .5 section. 

I then flipped it to the 10 inch side and scored at 1.5,  2.25, and 3 inches from each end. 

After scoring I burnished the score lines, then cut between the score lines I made on the 10 inch side in a diamond shape that was 1 x .75 you can see it on the diagram I made below. 


UPDATE!!! I changed the measurements of the paper to 10 x 7 taking off that half inch and it all worked SO MUCH better and I didn't need the circle inside! 

Once all the diamond shapes were cut out I glued the snap at each end in the middle section of the cracker. I also glued the sides together by putting glue on the .5 left over bit under the 1 inch side. 

I closed one side with some ribbon, and glued a circle in the end just to be safe that none of the candy or toys I put inside would actually come out. 


I filled it with some cute squishy toys, some marching toys, candy, a joke, and a tissue crown. I finished it off by closing the other end with ribbon and gluing in a circle.

The brown part there is the snap. I cannot wait till my kids open these!

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I really hope you enjoyed my post today because I really enjoyed this card and making this post :) Check The Cat’s Pajamas Blog to see what the other designers on the team did. You can also get updates and see inspiration on the Cats Pajamas Facebook page each day.

Until next time friends!!!

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