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Hey all! Happy Thursday... wow is it Thursday already??! We are just almost to the end our AMAZING NEW RELEASE week for C.C. Designs! Today is the third day and I am using the adorable Kawaii

Force Clear Stamp Set. These super cute penguins have stolen my heart and let out my geek. I am a huge Star Wars fan. 



Of course, I had to use this sentiment first and put the ever so cute Yoda Penguin on the card. I know a lot of my teammates still gave the little Yoda penguin a white face like a penguin should be, but I could not resist, it had to be green for me. 



You can see that I did just a small galaxy background. At first I did a large one, but it made the card look really dark and the Kawaii Force just got lost in it. I just did a couple of little smudges, I guess you could call it, on the paper and went from there. I tried my best to not go all the way to edge of the paper. 


You can see from the Kawaii Force stamp set this sentiment is actually stacked. When I did this, I put a piece of paper just below the first line "Be a Jedi" then stamped it in versamark ink using my stamparatus making it easy to stamp. After getting that first line down, I then used two pieces of paper, one on top and one on the bottom. I then stamped the "in a world" between the two pieces of paper. After I got that bit done, I switched back to one piece of paper on the top, and stamped the last line of the sentiment. Doing it this way I was able to completely stamp the sentiment without having to worry about what I inked up on the stamp and what I didn't. I could just ink the entire stamp. 

If you would like for me to make a video about this, please let me know. 

I am sure that you have also seen the cute little Death Star and Millennium Falcon cuts that I have. I purchased those on Etsy, their link is below. They were part of a Disney svg file that I just used those parts of. I mean you kind of need those for a Star Wars card right?? 

The last thing I added was the dew drops.. heehee


Yoda: E84, 87, 42, 43, 25, G82, 40, 43
Storm Troopers: C00, 1, .05 multiliner

GASP seriously that is all I used!! 

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Until next time friends!!!

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