Poultry In Motion New Release La-La Land Crafts


Hey all! OH OH OH ohhhhhhh look what I have for you!!!! Super duper cute baby chicks! Or should I say New Release Poultry In Motion from La-La Land Crafts! The name of the stamp set as well as the cute sentiment is what inspired me to make this adorable pull slider card!

When I saw the new super cute Garden Fence die cut I knew exactly what I was going to do with this cute chicks!

I just love how they are walking out from behind the fence when you pull out their little brother or sister on the side.

I placed all the little chicks on a piece of acetate to get them to look as if they were moving by themselves. I tried it with white and some green cardstock the first times... but it still didn't look correctly. That is when I decided to give it a go on the acetate. If that didn't work... well ya'll would have had a normal everyday card instead of this cute slider.

At first, I wasn't going to use the little egg that I had colored. However, I thought he was a perfect addition to the card as to where to pull to slide them out.

The chicks are too adorable for words. I noticed when I put them all together they all seemed to have their little wings out. I put them a little bit closer together to make them all seem as if they were holding hands as they marched out from the gate.

To make the fence was a lot of fun! You can't see it very well but I did make the bottom of the fence a little bit green as fences tend to do when they are older in the grass. The grass and flowers I cut out on white cardstock and then colored. I have a lot of fun coloring all of the die cuts, instead of using colored cardstock.

The lattice and the vine were fun and easy! It looks as if I shaded both of them but I actually only used one marker on each of them. I just went over places a couple of times instead of just one time. I think it is forgotten a lot with Copic markers that you can shade with just one marker. If you go over where you already colored, it makes it a little bit darker, instead of a lot darker with the next marker up.

The Copic Markers I used today were:

  • Chicks: Y11, 13, 15, 17, 19, YR15, 16, 18

  • Eyes: BG01, 02, 05, YG25, 23, 21, E27, 25, 23, V01, 04, 05, YG00, 01, 03

  • Bows: V01, 04, 05, 09, R81, 83, 85, YG17, 03, 01

  • Egg: T0, Clear blender, YR15, 16, 18

  • Fence & Lattice: E31, 51, YG93

  • Grass: YG23, 25, G28, 24

I hope you enjoyed my post today. Don’t forget to go and see the rest of the team's creations over at the LaLa Land Crafts Blog. Don't forget you can also find great inspiration over at the LaLa Land Crafts Facebook Group and on Instagram as well. Until next time friends!!!

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