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Hey all! My banner above says "coming June 27th" hmmm but it IS June 27th <GASP> so WOOHOO!! That means I get to show you what I have been working on! I had the best time working on these new release cuties from Aurora Wings!! I absolutely LOVE them! I still have a few more to play with and color! I will have to show you those later.

Aurora Wings has been coming out with the cutest... wait... has been?? I don't think she has ever made one ugly thing in her life... not sure Mitzi could even make something ugly, if we put her to the task haha!

Here are all three of the cute tags together. Yes! You heard me correctly I made tags! That is another surprise for today because most if not all of you know I am not a tag making type person. I think these are probably maybe the 4th, 5th, and 6th tags I have made in my whole card making/stamping career. I made one last week as well but I can show you that one until Sunday heehee.

This sweet little Hollyhock Sprite will melt your heart. She is just beautiful in her little pink petal dress holding her wee tiny baby.

I had picked out a few images online of hollyhocks. I thought they were so pretty that she would have to be the one to choose. She picked out this one from about 10 different colors.

I had to use the Mandala Doily Die Cut and a bit of my favorite lace ribbon on the tag. With an image this beautiful, it was just a must. I think all three of them together bring out the beauty in each other.

You can see in this photo just how pretty it looks.

The copic Markers I used for the Hollyhock Sprite are:

  • Skin: E000, 00, 04, 11, 21, R20, 30

  • Petals: RV000, 00, 02, 13, Y11, 15

  • Leaves: YG00, 01, 23, 25, G24

  • Shadows: W2

This little beauty is the astrological sign for Virgo. I actually was stuck for the color of her dress. Then, I found a website that actually gives you your "best colors" according to your sign. Click here to find your perfect colors

I found that the perfect colors for Virgo were peach, light blue, black, and grey. Even though it gave 4 different colors, these two really stood out that I wanted to put together for her. I hope you feel it worked out for her as well.

You can see I added little dew drops to all of the tags as well. You know how I love my dew drops! Heehee dew drops they make everything look better haha!

The Copic markers I used for the beautiful Virgo Sprite are:

  • Skin: E000, 00, 04, 11, 21, R20, 30

  • Hair: E50, 51, 53, 55

  • Flowers: BG000, 05

  • Dress: YR00, 02, 21, 23

  • Wheat: Y21, YR21, 23

  • Star: Y11, 13, 15, 17

Last but not least is the Leo Sprite. I had an absolute amazing time coloring him. I did my usual on him and popped his face up! Well, the lion face anyway. His face makes the image into 3 layers, the hair, the face, then his snout.

This photo you can kind of see the cuts I made and see a little of the bit that is raised up. I think Mitzi needs a lion sprite now for those that don't really do the astrological images. These images are simply beautiful and fun!


The Copic markers I used for the Leo Sprite are:

  • Lion Hair: Y21, E37, 47, YR27, 24, 21

  • Lion Eyes: E49 (shaded with the same marker)

  • Nose and snout: E53, 55, R02, 01

  • Pads on feet: E44, W4, 5

  • Star: Y11, 13, 15, 17

Now look at this not only do I get to bring you some inspiration for these amazing images, but if you go and buy them you will get these beautiful Hollyhock babies for FREE!! yes... no kidding free!

To make it even more delicious! Here is a couple of coupon codes that you can use to get all the amazing sprites and the sweet babies!

If you do make anything with this stamp or anything from Aurora Wings please feel free to share them with the Aurora Wings Facebook Group! You would not believe the inspiration in the group! Please if you are not already in the Aurora Wings group go and join, you won't be sorry. You are missing out for sure by not being in it!

Until next time friends!!!

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  1. Precious tags, Cristena! Beautiful coloring, as always, and I love the sweet, feminine doily backgrounds and fresh gingham for the girls and the bold paper and layered shapes that remind me of clouds, for little Leo. Now I kind of want to go make some tags. They would be especially great on Birthday gifts using the appropriate sign for the recipient, and all of the floral Sprites for gifts for any occasion. xxD

  2. These are gorgeous tags, Cristena! You ought to make them more often. XD I love how you were able to give each Sprite a distinct touch of personality with the elements you add along on the tag - how the Leo Sprite is bold and fun, and the girls look cheerful and pretty! Thank you for these wonderful inspirations today. M xxx

  3. wow, your colouring is amazing and I love your tags, glad you made some more, they are amazing, lots of hugs, Marion


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