New Digi Company JMC Designs


Hey all! There is a new fun whimsical digital stamp company that I am just dying to tell you about! JMC Designs! The artist Julia McNeill is very talented and fun!

One fun thing about her designs is they have a story to tell from the tips of their toes to the tops of their heads. You can see the story come to life as you color them.

I made 4 of them into some very cute tags, yes I am on a tag kick they are so much fun! I am really surprised I have not made more of them in the past. I am really starting to love them.

I love all their little weather dresses. You have all the beautiful elements displayed so nicely. The first one I colored was this beautiful Cloudia Storm.

When I colored her hair I wanted her to have brown hair but to have it look as if the lightning was going through her hair like sparks kind of. From her head to her toes she screams stormy day but she is so beautiful as well. You have the dark clouds the lightning, the tornado in her stockings, and her boots look like little buildings.

The Copic markers I used for Cloudia Storm are:

  • Skin: E000, 00, 04, 11, 21, R20, 30

  • Dress: BV20, 23, 25, 29

  • Stockings: BG000, 02, 05

  • Shoes: E15, 13, 17

  • Hair: Y21, YR21, E44, 47, Y11, 13, 15, 17

The next one that I colored was miss Sunshine and Flowers. I wanted to color her bright and beautiful.  I did color her hair a little differently.

The green little hat is supposed to be hair, but I wanted her to look like she had a bit of the earth on her. She had clouds, rainbows, I thought she should have a bit of earth. She is so pretty!! I had a great time to color her.

The Copic markers I used on miss Sunshine and Flowers are:

  • Skin: E000, 00, 04, 11, 21, R20, 30

  • Clouds: BG0000, 000

  • Rainbow: R29, 24, Y15, 13, 11

  • Hair: E50, 51, 53, 55

This next beauty is April. You can see the story that she brings with the pretty umbrella hat, her sunshine shirt, and rainbow dress. She is simply beautiful.

You can see from the story that April tells that It is pretty self-explanatory why I colored her the way that I did. You can't tell but I really did color in those raindrops haha! I used the background patterned paper so that in hopes that it would look like the grass and the tag is blue like the ocean.

The Copic markers I used with April are:

  • Skin: E000, 00, 04, 11, 21, R20, 30

  • Rainbow: V20, 22, 25, RV000, 00, 02, 13, YR12, 14, 15

  • Clouds: BG0000, 000

  • Hair: E50, 51, 53, 55

  • Shirt: Y11, 13, 15, 17

I saved one of the best for last, Bonnie Brolly. I love her umbrella dress so I had to make it look just like Meadow's umbrella. I love her hat! It made me think of the sunshine and the new flowers blooming.

I used the green patterned paper again to make it look like grass with her pretty shoes that look like the brick buildings she is protecting with her umbrella.

The Copic markers I used for miss Bonnie Brolly are:

  • Skin: E000, 00, 04, 11, 21, R20, 30

  • Hair: C3, 5, 6

  • Umbrella: RV000, 00, 02, 13

  • Rainbow: V20, 22, 25, RV00, 02, 13, YG00, 01, 03

  • Flower: R20, 22, G21, 24

  • Clouds: BG0000, 000

I really hope that you will go and check out her new site and order some of these amazing images! They are a lot of fun!

Until next time friends!!!

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