Something New! Color Tip Cafe Tuesday

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I decided to do a little something new on my blog. I get people on Instagram, Facebook, and in classes asking me to put more information about coloring. I decided to start putting some more information that I share in my classes on my blog.

I know that some of it may not seem important, but sometimes knowing where Copic markers come from and how they came about can give you that "ah ha" moment and really enjoy them even more.

I know when I started with Copic markers I was asking "why?? I have my Stampin' Up! markers" But then I learned more and more about them. With that came interest and even respect for the people who take the time making them. I actually started to want to put more into my work when coloring with them. I enjoyed them even more. I don't know If that will work for you, but I hope to give you some fun information about them. I also hope to start doing more videos on coloring as well.  With that... shall we get started?

Where did Copics come from?

Copic Markers were developed over 25 years ago in Japan by .Too Corporation. They were originally created for fine art and design, and then the Japanese comic industry (Manga & Anime) began using Copic products. Copic Markers are popular for fashion design, architecture, product design, comic illustration, storyboarding and automotive design.

About 10 years ago, Imagination International, Inc. began importing Copic Markers into North America. At that time the main audience was teenagers who loved drawing Manga. Copic Markers were also an early hit with the altered artists. Slowly their popularity grew among fine art schools and universities across the United States and Canada.

A few years ago paper crafters around the world discovered these alcohol based markers and fell in love. Since then Copic has been working hard to educate paper crafters in the many uses of these high quality products.

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