Let's light up Happy Pumpkin Day from Cat's Pajamas!

Hey all! Happy Thursday!! When I saw the NEW RELEASE Happy Pumpkin Day Digital Stamp from The Cat's Pajamas I honestly could not wait to use it! I already knew exactly what I was going to do with it - LIGHT IT UP! That pumpkin face was just SCREAMING for a Pearblossom Press EZ-Light! 

I love making tags for treat bags and this year I am making tags for my kids scavenger hunt that we do every Halloween. They like that better than going trick or treating. I hide things all over our property - even the spooky parts! 


Here is the tag with the Pearblossom Press EZ-Light behind the ever so cute Happy Pumpkin Day Digital Stamp. I cut out the face with a hobby knife. The light is actually under the ovals. I used a screw punch to put a couple of holes in the ovals where I wanted the light to come through. So there wouldn't be an odd circle of light on the pumpkin light where the light came through, I placed some black cardstock where the holes where. Putting the black cardstock in these places allowed the light to reflect in other places that I wanted the light to actually go, which is through the eyes, nose and the sides of the ovals. 

The penguins didn't need a lot of color, but I always color them just a bit to make them have a little more dimension. I used my C9 and C8 Copic markers for the black, and then I used C1 and C0 for the white parts. Putting a little belly on them really helps give some dimension and makes them even cuter than they already were. Who can resist a cute penguin with a little pudgy belly?!?

This sweet little penguin I decided to give him a cute striped scarf instead of doing just one color. From this photo you can also see the candy corn paper in the pumpkins face. I thought it was fun that they kind of looked like little teeth or the pumpkin was filled with candy. 



The last thing I added was the sequins, we all need to have a little bling don't we? I had a lot of fun deciding to leave the spiderweb hanging off the side for something extra to catch the eye but bring you back to the star of the show.... Happy Pumpkin Day Digital Stamp.  


Penguins: C0, 1, 8, 9
Orange: YR12, 14, 16, 18, 24
Green: G21, 24, 28
Brown for scarf: E23, 19

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I really hope you enjoyed my post today because I really enjoyed this card and making this post :) Check The Cat’s Pajamas Blog to see what the other designers on the team did. You can also get updates and see inspiration on the Cats Pajamas Facebook page each day.

Until next time friends!!!

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