Sweet and Spooky NEW RELEASE - Ink n' Splatter

Hey all!! Happy Tuesday!! This week I am sharing with you the card I created for the NEW RELEASE Sweet and Spooky Clear stamp Set from Ink n' Splatter. There are so many cute images in this stamp set I am more than likely going to be using this stamp set a lot for Halloween!



I had a friend the other day tell me that she liked the book I wrote. I had actually forgotten about it, until she said something. I decided I should pull it out and use it. I have not used these sketches in years and thought it would be a lot of fun! This is sketch #60 from my book. This sweet little bunny worked PERFECTLY for this sketch! 

My daughter and I both LOVE how Dina draws her little critters. She makes them look so fluffy with the extra touches of "fur" she draws for them. They all just look so soft and cuddly.  The little candy pail I believe is supposed to be a pumpkin pail. However, I decided it made me think of a cute little Frankenstein monster. I colored him green and gave him some little scars. 

I am in LOVE with the paper from Ink n' Splatter! It is shiny a little bit... but not overly gloss and NOT slick! For ME slick paper is hard to work with and I really don't like how shiny/glaring it is. For this card I wanted to incorporate 2 different paper packs. I LOVED how the dots from the Happy Haunting Paper Pack worked with the candy bits and the colors I used to color the bunny. But I also LOVED the orange spider web design from the Spooky Nights Paper Pack and HAD to use it!
 I also used some ribbon that came with adhesive on the back. I don't exactly like that you can see some of it from the orange ribbon... but I really liked it, and couldn't get the adhesive off hahaha! Strong stuff!! So I just left it and if it bothers me to much later I can try and get it off. I still like it with the frilly black ribbon in the back though. 

Meadow actually picked out the sentiment and where to put it for me, she is a good little muse. There were just so many sentiments to pick from on the stamp set, I just couldn't pick one. 

The last thing I added was some orange rhinestones meadow found in my "bling" drawer. I have all kinds of things in there I have not used in YEARS I thought it high time I used some of it! I actually used them on opposite corners of the card to give it a bit of balance. 



Bunny Fur: E50, 51, 53, 55, R00, 01, 02
Pumpkins: YR12, 16, 18, 24, 27
Hat: C8, 6, 5, 3, BV11, 13, 17, YG03
Candy Pail: YG00, 01, 03
Candy: YR12, BV13

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Until next time friends!!!

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