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Hey all!! Happy Wednesday! I cannot seriously believe this week is going by so fast! I take that back the whole YEAR is going by fast! I am going to be 50 in a couple of months... which I really don't feel that far along in life. My heart and mind still feel I am in my twenties. Then I look in the mirror and think "oh that is why my body feels 50" HAHA!

I know you have probably seen this photo around the internet if you follow me on social media. But I wanted to give all my blog followers and people who come to my blog a bit of a closer look at the projects I made for my upcoming stamp camp.  


I LOVE this card! I probably colored the lollipop for this cute little Swissie from the Sweet Swissies Clear Stamp Set at least 14 times haha! I am not someone that normally picks pattern paper before I color the images. I like to just let the image inspire me. This time I went with pattern paper first because I loved it so very much! I am using Hey Cupcake paper from Doodlebug for the whole camp. 

I myself am not much of a fan of pink. I am more blues and greens. I had to make a card with my favorite pattern in the whole paper pack along with my favorite colors. 

Okay so I lied... the card with the blue and green wasn't the ONLY favorite pattern paper I loved in the pack... I love these as well haha!! I am in love how all these sweet little Swissies came out as well. This sweet girl and the one from the blue and green card are from Birthday Swissies Clear Stamp Set. 


I can't even explain how much I love how every single one of these cards came out, or how cute all these little Swissie stamps are. I feel as if I sound like a broken record. But at least I am excited and happy about what I have put together for all my Stamp Camp attendees. 


This card is actually 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 and fits perfectly into the box I created. The first card I showed you is a full size 8 1/2 x 3 1/2 slimline card that also fits with extra room.

So while I am not making a memory book or anything of that sort this time. Just cards and the box I created. It will be very fun! I have prizes and probably the BEST goodie bag/box I have put together yet. I put some of my favorite things in the box. This camp I will more than likely feel that I am spending it with some of my best crafting friends. 


I designed the box so it would have 12 compartments to hold cards for every month. I wanted it to be able to fit any size card that I enjoyed making. There are not boxes out there that hold the slimline cards unless you put them sideways or some other way. I love that this box will hold them all.  The box also has a pocket on the front for the perpetual calendar that I made for everyone. All the attendees of the camp will get the excel file so they will be able to print this calendar as much as they like.


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I hope you enjoyed my post today! I had a great time showing you my latest creations.

Until next time friends!!!

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  1. The Birthday font/die is to die for!!! What company is it from? I looked on CC Designs with no luck.

    1. Hello Lisa! That isn't actually a die, it is an svg file I created. I am so happy you like it! If you join the event - even camp only option you will be able to download this.


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