Tropic Cool for Valentine's Day - Fun Stampers Journey

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! So anyone that really knows me, knows that I am not one to get into the trap of the mass marketing of the holidays. However, I do like to make a little something that is from the heart. Not just on Valentine's day but every day, especially since I am a stay at home mother of 2 home school children, I like to make sure my husband knows he is very much loved and appreciated.

Well this year, it is a little harder because there is a little something that not everyone knows about me. A few months ago I had a little accident, and because of this I now have a torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder. Which this isn't so bad because it isn't my dominate hand but I still do a lot with it because I am ambidextrous so I tend to use both hands a lot. You wouldn't believe how handy that is making cards haha!

Although, now using the Big Shot, punches, cutting card stock things like that ... oh boy! It is like giving birth out of my shoulder with no pain meds! no kidding! You don't even want to know about washing my hair... that is like the funky chicken dance... upside down. Never a boring moment at my house.

That is where my sweet son Stephen comes in. He was so sweet to take the time to help me this morning before his dad got up for work today. Stephen helped me cut paper, punch out the scallop circle from the "peary paper" as he called it after he saw me color the little pears up from the Tropic Cool stamp set. I thought that was cute. He even suggested that I put a pattern on it. So we picked out an embossing folder and he ran it through the big shot for me, he is so awesome!

He was even putting the stamps on the blocks for me, getting Copic colors for me... as you can see it has been a bit since I have been able to make a card. The last time I made a card I really did a number and ended up going into the doctor to see what I had done, and found out I injured myself worse. Amazing what you can do just by making a card! Although, I am not one to just sit still or give up easy. At least this time making a card I got some help with the things I knew I shouldn't do. At least it is a start with my stubbornness. haha!

For the pears I used Copic markers YG25, 13 and 01, the Leaf I used YG25, 63, and 67 , the branch I used E31, 35 and 57.

I hope you enjoyed the card :) Happy valentines day!!

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